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  • Explosive Detector
    Explosive Detector
    The TURBO E-3500 is the world’s first explosives trace handheld based on Luminol Chemilux (chemiluminescence). IT detects Military, commercial, even home made explosives, liquid and powered,including TATP and peroxides, plastics, nitrates and black powder. ...
    Turbo Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
    New Delhi
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  • Explosive Vapour Detector
    Explosive Vapour Detector
    Pilot M/M1*, the Explosive Vapour Tracer Detector, is your swift, surefire response to avert damage to life and property. It is easy to use light and portable (weighing not more than 2 kg) and requires low warm-up time to cut your response time to the minimum. Its ergonomic design helps comfortable usage. More importantly, Pilot M/M1* is highly sen ...
    Kapri corp. High - End Security Solutions
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