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  • Mail Bomb Detector
    Mail Bomb Detector
    This unit is a very effective tool in detecting mini bomb in letters. Without causing any damage to the letters and the parcels, this unit can be used to determine whether there is any potential suspectable metallic object hidden in these letters or parcels. This unit will give alarm whenever it detects the metallic object. It can be used to preven ...
    Kapri corp. High - End Security Solutions
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  • Mail Bomb Detector : ZI 13004
    Mail Bomb Detector : ZI 13004
    1. Analog signal processing and annunciation 2. Operates form 90 to 270 Volts AC 3. Screens packets upto telephone directory size(2.25" thick) 4. Detects all known detonating devices regardless of type of explosive 5. Detects, knives, weapons, and small metal objects in mail ...
    Zeal International
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