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About Xingtel Security Xiamen Co., Ld

Xingtel Security Xiamen Co., Ld with more than 19 years manufacturing experiences, Xingtel have been successfully obtain the MFi manufacturing License 6.0. By holding the Apple authorize license, Xingtel have the full ability to produce high quality Apple MFi lightning connector accessories in both OEM/ODM area. Established in 1994, Xingtel has quickly become one of the leading OEM, ODM and EMS manufacturers for telecom products from VoIP (Corded/Cordless/ATA), IAD handset, DECT (6.0 & 1.8G), Amplified phones, 900Mhz, Caller ID phones, to Bluetooth speakers, qi standard wireless charging and other smart phone accessories, video doorbell, home security and other products. Xingtel is located in Xiamen, a very prosperous, quickly developing, and UN recognized residential city in the Southeast of China. Xingtel has close business relationships with more than 40 national PTT\\\'s and is producing for many name brands, such as Siemens/Gigaset, France Telecom, British Telecom, Samsung, AT&T, Motorola, Telefonica, Kpn, Swisscom, OTE, Telmex, T-com, NEC, Verizon, Uniden, D-Link, Philips, Telia, Korea Telecom and many others. At Xingtel, we have implemented the ISO9001:2000 certificated Total Quality Control and ERP System. Our dedicated and professional R&D teams are pioneers and leaders in the field of telecom industrial development and voice communication.

Contact Details

5F, Xingtel Building, Chuangxin Road
Torch Hi-Tech Industrial District

Tel : 86-592-562-5929
Fax : 86-592-603-7860

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