We, BSM India introduce ourselves as one of the Reputed Trading & Manufacturing of Most Advanced & Latest Fire Extinguishing system. Bengal Sewing Mart Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Established in 1984 with traditional footwear machines. After serving so long with so many satisfied clients & with the impeccable speed of change in fire technology & safety, First time in India BSM Launched MINI FIRE BRIGADE the world s most advanced, CE certified High Pressure water Mist/Foam Fire Extinguisher which is portable and can be taken in Narrow Lane & congested places where fire brigades cannot reach. Our Mini Fire Brigade is a revolution for Extinguishing Class A & Class B type of fire. Class A: Solid type of fire Like wood, fabric, Eva, plastic, PVC etc. Our Mini Fire Brigade discharge High Pressure water mist (tiny water droplet having dia meter < 200 um with high cooling effect). which removes heat Energy from Fire due to vaporization of MIST into steam and provides localized displacement of oxygen from fire due to production of steam. 1 Ltr. Of water turns into 1700 Ltr. of vapour, this allows about 90% less water than conventional system.

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69, MIE, Part-A,

Tel : 09582381592,

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