About Manishtronics

Manishtronics are manufacture of Gas leakage warning instrument Smoke detectors Wailing sirens business pagesctronic flashers Fire alarms Domestic gas leak detectors Flame proof and weatherproof gas detectors (approved by CMRI) Weatherproof enclosures flameproof fittings Breath alcohol detectors ,CO/Methane detectors Hydrogen gas detectors (approved by CMRI) Hexane detectors Poisonous toxic gas detectors Ammonia detector/CO2 Explosive vapour detectors High temperature gas detectors Gas monitors Breath alcohol analuser (alcohol detectors) Gas analysers Pollution monitors Environment monitors Sbusiness pagesctive gas detectors for H2/co/smoke Manual fire alarm switches Smoke detection systems Air monitors Explosive meters Portable gas detectors ISI marked gas detectors Ultrasonic pest repellers business pagesctronic insect killer Hand held metal detector Door frame metal detector Quary metal detector for process industry Chlorine H2S Cynide portable digital gas detectors, Single channel Gas Monitor, Flameproof & weather proof, Siren, Cable, Multi channel Gas Monitor Controller.

Contact Details

Unit No. 140 Kaliandas Udyog Bhavan
Near Prabhadevi H.P.O., Maharashtra

Tel : 022-24224461
Fax : 022-24303047

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