Industrial Explosives Pvt. Ltd.

About Industrial Explosives Pvt. Ltd.

AMA was appointed as a distributor of Nitroglycerine based explosives Manufactured by Indian Explosives Ltd. Once again chosen as a distributor of IDL Industries for detonating fuse and explosives at its units set up in Hydrabad and Rourkela. AMA Group from trading stepped into manufacturing (Industrial Explosives Pvt. Ltd.) of portable magazines of different capacities to overcome the constraint of procurement of land for putting up magazines for storing explosives and detonators. MA Group mission has been to consolidate and expand which it has done by diversifying into the manufacture of Aluminium sections and M.S. wires of different sizes. Our products includes of Exploder, Portable Magazines, Accessories, Safety Equipment, Mining Accessories, Ohm meters, continuity tester, short firing cable, detonating fuse stand, short firing cable carrier, helmet, canvas shoes, leather shoes, hand gloves, crimper, picker, ANFO Mixer, ANFO Loader, Mixonol, Bulk Loading System, Audio visual alarm, Siren, Blasting Shelter, Explosive Carrying Box, Lighting Conductor system, Door Window Ventilators, Dust Mask, Safety Helmets.

Contact Details

Maimoon Chambers

Tel : 91-712-2768631
Fax : 91-712-2768034

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