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Producing phosphate chemicals, abc powder mono ammonium phosphate fire extinguisher powder (abc power)
Chengdu Nabta Chemical Industrial co.Ltd., with 2 subordinated factors:Shifang Nabta Agrochemical Co. Ltd. Nabta is engaged in production and marketing of high quality phosphate based technical grade material and fire extinguisher powder (abc power) and also fully soluble high NPK fertilizers:
mono ammonium phosphate fire extinguisher power (abc power):
Na01601 ABC 75%
Na01602 ABC 80%
Na01603 ABC 90%
(we can adjust according to customers' formulars)
Phosphate Chemicals
Na001 Phosphoric acid 85%min.
Na002 Monopotassium phosphate (MKP 0-52-34)
Na003 Monoammonium phosphate (MAP 12-61-0)
Na004 Diammonium phosphate (DAP 21-53-0 )
Na005 Urea phosphate (UP17-44-0)
Na007 Trisodium Phosphate 12H2O 98%
Na008 Phosphorous acid 98%min.
Nabta is an ISO-9002 company with a very serious ISO-9001 system to guarantee high and stable quality,beautiful packing, punctual shipment, and excellent service. Nabta products are sold in local Chinese marker and exported to 38 countries including USA, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, South Africa and Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Egypt, Newzealand, Australia, Indonesia.

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No.58, Fangzhuang nanlu,

Tel : +86-10-87678103
Fax : +86-10-87656159

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