argus® are a division of e2v Technologies Ltd.

Since the 1940 s e2v have developed imaging solutions for use in some of the World s most exciting ventures, from monitoring environmental changes on Earth to helping NASA s Curiosity Rover detect the elements which could support life on Mars.

All of this engineering expertise goes into our thermal cameras.

When we developed the first ever hand held thermal imaging camera for the UK Navy in the 1980’s, we knew we needed a product that was reliable, robust and with a thermal image presentation that was clear enough to fulfil the needs, and ensure the safety, of our users when they need it most.

30 years on, the philosophy is the same, though the solution is far more advanced.

argus® are world renowned for industry leading thermal image presentation in application. As a ‘sensor-up’ manufacturer we have full control over every aspect of performance and features, allowing us to process difficult scenes more effectively. It means we can develop solutions that are better tailored for specific applications.

Take our cameras for Fire Fighters.

The thermal image presentation is designed to let the user see more detail throughout the scene while in the presence of objects at very high temperatures.

It means that fire fighters can still clearly resolve the most important details even when there is a fully developed fire. This includes casualties, exit points (doors/windows), obstacles (furniture, holes in the floor) and even the water jet.

It’s what makes the argus® camera such an effective tool for life saving, and importantly, a tool that keeps the user safe too.

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New Delhi

Tel : 91-011-26196982
Fax : 91-011-26166961

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