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About Amini Industries

Amini Industries is also deal in Bullet Proof Body Armor, Bullet Resistant Vests, Ballistic Helmets and Advanced Hard Armor, Fire Fighting and Fire Entry Garments and fire Extinguisher for Fire Station, Bio-Medical Safety equipments like, Oxygen Concentrator for Traffic and Industrial workers, Hospitals, Forensic Laboratory Equipments, Wheel Clamp, Photographic Technology for Law Enforcement Department, Anti Terrorist Squad, and Industrial Security Department. Our products range of EOD, BOMB SUIT, BOMB BLANKET, TELESCOPIC MANIPULATOR, WATER DISRUPTOR-WATER CANON, DEEP SEARCH METAL DETECTOR, DOOR FRAME METAL DETECTOR, PMMW AND CCTV CAMERA SYSTEM, THERMAL IMAGERY CAMERA, SURVEILLANCE SET, LAW ENFORCEMENT EQUIPMENT, COOLING SUIT, BOMB SUIT AND HELMET, FIRE SUIT, PROXIMITY SUIT, FIRE BLANKET, FIRE MAN HELMET, FIREMAN HOOD, KEVLAR HAND GLOVES, ASBESTOS CLOTHING, APRON, HOOD, SAFETY SHOES, WHEEL CLAMP, BREATH ALCOMETER, ALCOLIZER, TRAFFIC SAFETY JACKETS, REFLECTIVE JACKETS, TRAFFIC CONE, BARRICADES, CCTV CAMERA, LASER SPEED GUN, BATON, RIOT CONTROL GAS MASK, NBC CLOTHINGS, NBC APRON, LEAD APRON, RADIATION METER, EXPLOSIVE DETECTOR, PORTABLE X-RAY MACHINE, Safety Equipments, Safety Equipments, Insulation Materials, Sealing Products, Industrial Gaskets Personal Safety Equipment.

Contact Details

33, Pathak Wadi, Ismail Building, 2nd Floor
Lohar Chawl, Maharashtra

Tel : 91-222-2064686
Fax : 91-222-2064686

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