Agarpara Kutir Silpa Pratisthan

About Agarpara Kutir Silpa Pratisthan

Agarpara Kutir Silpa Pratisthan is now engaged in Bleaching, Dyeing – Reactive, Pigment, Direct, Vat, Azofree, Napthal, MKOG, Rot Proof & other process of Cotton, Hosiery & Jute Fabrics. Agarpara Kutir Silpa Pratisthan was formed as a Partnership Firm in the year 1930. Initially the business of the firm was that of manufacturing and trading in Hosiery goods. The firm still continues as a partnership firm with the successors of the original promoters. Processor Of Textile Fabrics & Hessian Cloth, Textile Bleaching, Dyeing, Mineral Khaki, Rot Proofing, Fire Retardancy, Water Proofing, Etc. Jute Bleaching, Dyeing, Fire Retardancy, Rot Proofing, Dehairing, Etc.

Contact Details

South Station Road, 24 Pgns (N)
Agarpara, West Bengal

Tel : 91-33-25535415
Fax : 91-33-25832536

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