Fall Arrest Systems

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    The fall arrest equipment is used when workers have a solid, suitable surface from which to work, without the need for support from their equipment. Fall arrest systems must contain a full-body harness connected to available, secure anchorage point. The force experienced by the wearer during any fall must be less than 6 KN. ...
    Udyogi Plastics (P) Ltd.
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  • Retractable Fall Arrestors
    Retractable Fall Arrestors
    Retractable Fall Arrestors are mechanical Fall arrest devices that pay out and retract as the user demands. They are CE approved and conform to EN 360. Available in both Plastic as well as Aluminium Casing. ...
    Tobit engineers
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  • Fall Arresters
    Fall Arresters
    It is a double security gravity locking system equipped with energy absorber EA-4400 for use on a 12mm – 16mm Anchorage Line of Polyester Rope. ...
    Uviraj Global Pvt. Ltd.
    Uttar Pradesh
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  • Fall Arrest Safety Nets : ZI 13028
    Fall Arrest Safety Nets : ZI 13028
    An ideal partner to compliment your safety programme. 'ZI' nets are fabricated from Polypropylene ropes (as per IS 5175)/ Polyamide ropes (as per ISO 1140) is knotted meshes to enhance effectiveness of fall function. Imparts high breaking strength to support heavy load impacts. ...
    Zeal International
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  • Tower Climbing & Rigging
    Tower Climbing & Rigging
    A fall-protection system with adequate work Positioning enables the user to work in high Altitude without risk and fear. Work-positioning and fall arrest for the telecom, power and entertainment industries. Work positioning system for comfort while working, plus the fall-arrest system (twin lanyards)for getting to the work position and as a back- ...
    Udyogi International Pvt. Ltd.
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