Electronic Article Security

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  • Deactivation Remote
    Deactivation Remote
    Deactivation Remote: Deactivation Remote for Self-Alert Tags ...
    Vantage Integrated Security Solutions (P) Ltd.
    Utar Pradesh
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  • Surviellance
    Surviellance: Audio / Visuals Portable DVR Pin Hole Cameras Bug Detection Receivers & Transmeter Sets Cell phone jammers ...
    Kapri corp. High - End Security Solutions
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  • Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
    Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
    Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is a kind of electronic anti shoplifting system that can decrease shoplifting when retailing enterprise implement open-shelf sale, so increase sales and profit. EAS system consists of electronic sensors, deactivator system and label or tag. Electronic sensor that are located at store exits, a transmitter sends ...
    AV Systems
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  • 10 amp. Power Supply
    10 amp. Power Supply
    Input voltag e- 140...280volt AC Output voltage- 12volt DC Current capacity - 10 Amp. ...
    Magnum Eye Lens Electronics
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