Fire Fighting Sprinkler

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  • Signal Butterfly Valve
    Signal Butterfly Valve
    FDX-1.6 signal butterfly valve is a special interception and monitoring of interception satus with electric signal of the fire water supply system.It is mainly used for interception and monitoring of the interception status in the trunk pipe and branch pipe of the automatic fire-extinguishing sprinkler systems.It can also be used for the same purpo ...
    Three H Taiwan Industries
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  • Standerd and quick responce Sprinklers
    Standerd and quick responce Sprinklers
    Standard response spray sprinklers are intended for use in the sprinkler systems designed in accordance with the standard installation rules recognized by the applicable listing or approval agency. They are available in pendent, upright, recessed, horizontal sidewall styles. Quick response spray sprinklers are designed with a 3mm glass-bulb to re ...
    Impact Fire and Safety Appliances (P) Ltd.
    New Delhi
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  • Fire Sprinkler
    Fire Sprinkler
    Our fire sprinklers are Pendent, Upright, Recessed Pendent, Horizontal Sidewall & Concealed Sprinkler and UL Listed, gives quick response with standard & extended coverage. ...
    Reliance Fire And Safety Ltd.
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  • Vertical Sidewall Sprinklers
    Vertical Sidewall Sprinklers
    Standard Response Vertical Sidewall Sprinklers are small thermosensitive sprinklers designed for installation in either the upright or pendent position. The sprinklers are available with various finishes and temperature ratings to meet design requirements. ...
    Mega Fire Rescue Responders
    New Delhi
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  • UL Listed Automatic Sprinkler
    UL Listed Automatic Sprinkler
    UL Listed Automatic Sprinkler:- Temperature Rating- 155oF/68oC Glass Bulb Colour- RED Theard Size- NPT1/2" RI/2 Max Services Pressure- 175 PSI Glass Bulb Diameter(mm)- 5 ...
    Vats Fire Safety Services
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  • Sprinklers
    Fire fighting sprinklers are made up of Gun Metal(LTB -II), ABS Plastic with bthe size of 15 mm & 25 mm in Pendent, UprighGun Metal(LTB -II), ABS Plastict & Side Wall type. Nominal Operating Temperature and Colour Code:- •570(1350F) - Orange •680(1550F) - Red •790(1750F) - Yellow •930(2000F) - Green •1410(2860F) - Blue •1820(36 ...
    Superex Fire Engineers
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  • Fire Fighting Sprinkler
    Fire Fighting Sprinkler
    We offer a wide range of Sprinklers. These automatic systems control fire by detecting it and ringing the alarms. Moreover, these systems are extensively used in commercial offices, institutes, NGOs, hospitals and government & private organizations. ...
    Vijay Raj Fire
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