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RESQ Airline Trolley

Mobile and Portable Airline trolley (or according long duration for breathing protection while working in Ox/gen deficient atmosphere.

Main Features

  • Protective coated Mild Steel Chassis / Frame.
  • Large Capacity Hose reel Drum for Hose.
  • Accommodates full range of Cylinders.
  • With or without Filtration System.
  • Use with compressed Air Line
  • Four Wheel Trolley with Two Locknble Front Wheel.
  • Lung operated Demand Valve or constant flow System.
  • Provision for Use by Upto 2-3-4 Persons Simultaneously.


  • Trolley with 2 Cylinders
  • Trolley with 4 Cylinders
  • Trolley with / without Cylinder

Constant Flow Breaching Apparatus suitable to work in a toxic oi Oxygen deficiant atmosphere. Breathing Air Urn System suitable for use with compressed Air.


Contact Details

22, Shivaji Gali
Pandit Park Delhi

Tel : 911122451038
Fax : 911122040725

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